Gangtok Hotels Magnolia

Gangtok Hotels Magnolia is the best budget hotels in Gangtok near mg marg.

Gangtok Hotel Magnolia

Gangtok Hotel Magnolia, is one of the best budget hotels in Gangtok at MG Marg. Most importantly, it’s prime location makes it popular holiday destination among all. Because MG Marg is a main tourist destination of Gangtok town. Consequently, every city has their most important road by naming Mahatma Gandhi.

Explicitly, Gangtok is not exception from that. Most importantly, our hotel located at MG Marg Gangtok with free public parking. If you search hotels near Mg Marg Gangtok then Hotel Magnolia is the best choice for you. Surely it gives you a peaceful place of stay for both business and relaxation purpose.

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Firstly, we believed our design and comfort are perfectly joint in Gangtok Hotels Magnolia. Secondly, we always care about your upright. Thirdly, because of that all the materials used for room decoration are ecologically friendly. Obviously it gives you best relaxation during your stay with us.

In addition, our friendly and expert staff will always be at your service in the best manner. Which gives you undoubtedly all kind of support you want from a star category hotel.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station

Firstly, New Jalpaiguri (NJP) railway station is nearest station to reach our hotel. Secondly, which connected with most of major cities of India.

Nearest Taxi Stand

Firstly, Pelling taxi stand located just in-front of our Gangtok Hotels Magnolia. Most importantly, from where you can easily get local taxis for sightseeing.

Nearest Airport

In addision, to reach our hotel you will find Bagdogra Airport. However, it is well connected with all the cities of India. Beside that, Gangtok has it's own airport at Pakyong. Similarly you will get Helicaptor Service form Bagdogra airport to Gangtok.

our commitment

Provide you
Best Quality Food

Firstly, Gangtok hotels Magnolia assured you to provide best quality foods. Secondly, you will find Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Bengali as well as Local food. Which made with unique recipe. Finally and most importantly, We beleved you love to take those.

our commitment

Provide you
Quality Service

Firstly, we believed ” Your Satisfaction and Comfort is our Success “. Secondly, we concern about every corner that a guest want. That is why we awarded by TripAdvisor for our excellent room service. Similarly,We sure it gives you feel like a residency hotel.

The most affordable price

Let's Plan your Holidays with Gangtok Hotels Magnolia!


Most Important Question
Before selecting Hotels in Gangtok

1) Smoking allowed in Gangtok?

Firstly, and most importantly, drinking and smoking  allowed in hotels rooms and BAR. However, smoking in public places strictly prohibited. In other words, smoking in public places is a punishable offense. 

2) Which month is best for Gangtok?

Particularly Best time for Gangtok is summer and winter. In other words, April, May, June, October, and December.

3) Is Covid-19 test mandatory for Sikkim?

Accordingly Sikkim Goverment Guidline, RTPCR test is mandatory for single vaccinated and non-vaccinated tourist. Moreover, those who are below 18 they don’t need any RTPCR test.

4) Is Gangtok Hotels costly than other tourist spot ?

Firstly, we can say Gangtok known as a major center for tourism in Sikkim. Secondly, all tourist destinations are expensive and Gangtok little bit expensive. But Hotels in Gangtok is much similar than Darjeeling. It is not too much expensive. Most importantly, you will find lots of budget hotels in Gangtok.

5) Is Gangtok hotels safe at night?

Yes, Gangtok not only safe at night but also hotels in Gangtok are safe too. Most importantly, all the hill stations are very safe for ladies at night. Similarly, Sikkim police always helpful for tourists. In addition, Sikkim police are very strict on law and order.

6) Is there snowfall in Gangtok?

Genaraly, we don’t observe any Snowfall in Gangtok in last 20 years. However, places like Tsomgo Lake, Lachung, Lachen, Yumthang and Zero Point witness heavy snowfall during winters.

7) How many days are enough to stay at Hotels in Gangtok?

Firstly, we think two nights are enough for Gangtok. Secondly, Gangtok hotel Mgnolia arrange two nights three days tour plan for you if you asked for.

  • Firstly, Day 1 at  Gangtok and MG MARG.
  • Secondly, Day 2 at Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Nathula Pass
  • Finally, Day 3 at 10 points Local sightseeing.

In summary, we can say 2 night and 3 days are enough for Gangtok.

8) Why we called Zero Point in Sikkim?

Firstly, it is in the Northern District of Sikkim Yumesamdong. Secondly, this place  known as “Zero Point” because there  no road after this place. Moreover, tourists are not allowed to go beyond this point due to its closeness to the Chinese border.

9) What is the height of Gangtok?

Particularly, the height of Gangtok Is 5414 feet. In other words, height of Gangtok nearly 1650 miters.

10) What is the height of Nathula Pass in feet?

Firstly, the height of Nathula Pass Is 14140 feet. In other words, height of Gangtok nearly 4310 miters.

11) Any permit required to visit Gangtok hotels?

Specifically, all foreigner’s need Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit Sikkim including Gangtok.  Above all, Tourists require a separate permit to visit places like Nathula, Lachung, Lachen. Presently known as Protected Area Permit (PAP) 

12) Is Changu Lake and Tsomgo Lake same?

Firstly, Tsomgo Lake, also known as Tsongmo Lake or Changu Lake. Secondly it is one of the top tourist destinations in Gangtok. Above all, located at a distance nearly 40 kilometres from the capital Gangtok. Firstly, and most importantly, the height of Changu lake nearly 12,313 ft. In addition to that, the lake remains frozen during the winter season.

13) How do I get permission for Nathula Pass?

Meanwhile tourists can get permit by applying to the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. However, one can apply through a registered travel agency. In addition, photo ID proof and two passport size photographs are essential for the same. Moreover,the Nathula Pass permit cost around  INR 250/- per person. Otherwise most of case all the hotels in Gangtok arrange it for customer .

14) Am i find budget hotels in Gangtok

Yes obviously you can find all range of hotel in Gangtok. Firstly, as like Star hotels, Gangtok has lots of  budget hotels in Gangtok. Similarly, Gangtok Hotel Magnolia is one of them. It is a best budget hotels near MG Marg.

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